About Us

Our Vision

Our vision is to bring new level of control and transparency to the construction process by providing the industry with a machine-intelligence powered construction visual documentation and risk assessment platform that identifies safety concerns, raises quality control, and increases accountability.

Our Platform

Our platform aims to save lives, time, and budget using computer vision analytics to help identify problems and give information and insight to project stakeholders in the field or office.

Our Customers

Our customers are the progressive owners, developers and stakeholders in the building industry who are interested in adding new value to their construction processes by using cutting-edge technologies that support the safety and accountability for their teams and projects.

Our Founders

Ardalan Khosrowpour

Ardalan Khosrowpour

CEO & Co-Founder

Ardalan received his PhD in Civil Engineering from Virginia Tech, and MS from University of Illinois at Urbana Champagne. After completing his PhD, Ardalan was appointed as a Runway postdoctoral fellow at Cornell Tech where OnSiteIQ was born. His unique expertise in construction management and machine learning have been the principal driving forces behind OnSiteIQ’s visual documentation and collaboration platform.

John Mollis

John Mollis

CTO & Co-Founder

John is a masterful computer vision software engineer with more than 14 years of experience. He received his Master’s degree in Computer Graphics from the Department of Computer Science at Cornell University. John worked for more than 10 years at SRI, where he was the technical lead engineer at the team that built the google earth/street view for the military. He is leading OnSiteIQ’s Software and technology development as the CTO.

Our Team

Josh Schneier

Josh Schneier

Full-Stack Developer

Josh is a physics graduate who turned poker player and finally an awesome hacker. He has worked a medley of programming jobs in companies both small and smaller. Builds at the high-speed break just as quickly. He is right now working full time at OnSiteIQ leading the team to develop a high impact product and revolutionize the construction industry.

Eric Blattberg

Eric Blattberg

UX Designer

Eric Blattberg is a Brooklyn-based UX & UI designer who makes digital products for humans. He has worked as a designer for Olo, PeachyLabs, Uru Video, and Canvs.tv, among other companies. Before UX design, Eric spent nine years as a journalist, covering technology and media for Digiday, VentureBeat, Wired, and several other publications.

Kenn Stearns

Kenn Stearns

Business Development

Kenn has 8 years experience in entrepreneurial sales, business development and operations. Prior to OnSiteIQ, Kenn was the head of development and operations for SDG, a family-owned development company that invested in retail businesses in NYC. His focus has been in helping build companies within startup environments.

Supported By

Cornell Tech

The Jacobs Institute

MetaProp NYC

National Science Foundation

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